The benefit of a serviced apartment with the amenities of a Hotel?

We created such a place for us and our Guests, a "Home Base" for Seychelles adventurers

"A perfect space for Families, Groups traveling together or
People wanting to work remote..."


Want to make your little one’s favourite Breakfast at Sun rise?​

Looking for a place, where you can enjoy the amenities of a hotel away from daily cooking, and cleaning up, but still have the possibility to make your little one’s favourite porridge in the morning, before sunrise? Babysitting, Pharmacy, Doctors anything you need, we are here to help…
For groups travelling together in need for space

Want to be close to Friends and Family but still have your privacy?

Finding enough room when travelling as a group is hard to come by. That is why we offer apartments with connecting doors so that larger groups can live close together but still have enough space and privacy…
Island Style for Nomads wanting to work remote

Work remote, island style. Our little paradise with free Wifi and only 1h time difference to CET

We call it a home base for Seychelles adventurers and digital Nomads. Work remote and stay with us in Seychelles….
Chalet Cote Mer

Serviced Apartments with Sea view and Hotel facilities

enjoy our pool, visit our restaurant and bar serving breakfast, lunch and dinner or drop by the reception for any help you need during your stay.

Amenities with our Serviced Apartments


Each Apartments with sea-view and balcony


Travel with family members or friends and share your space


Family apartments with kitchenettes


Ask for our Apartments with en-suite Bathrooms.

Amenities of a Hotel
for our Serviced Apartments


Breakfast, lunch and dinner at our restaurant. Ingredients are sourced locally from Terry our Framer and Louange our fisherman


Rental Cars, Tours and Activities off the beaten track - we have cars available on site, ready when you need them


Need help with getting round, making appointements, booking tours, doctor visits or any local information - just ask for help.


Enjoy the pool by the sea or borrow snorkelling gear and swim on the reef nearby

Our Restaurant Overlooking the Bay

Getting to know a place includes getting to know our friendly staff and crew.

Our local Cuisine prepared only with the best Ingredients sourced locally

Our amazing kitchen team and Chef Philip, now over 22 years with us, knows how to reflect the Seychelles cuisine in every menu.




Living on an island makes us very aware of, what environmental and climate change means – we experience it every day.

Our hotel used to have this beautiful beach in front of the restaurant – today it’s gone, because of sea level rise.

Beaches we used to visit are gone, the ocean is full of plastic waste and our European friends suffer from unusual heatwaves while we have untypical „cold“ periods at the Seychelles.

Divers may already recognise that Coral reefs lost their colours and are dying, only one of the ocean acidification consequences.

It’s up to us, to change something now.

We have to take action right now – and that’s what we are trying to do at Chalet Cote Mer every day.

Preserving our environment means saving our hotel – our business – our living, it means keeping the Seychelles and thinking globally – our planet – a habitable home for our children and future generations.

“Don’t waste electricity, don’t waste paper, don’t waste food. Live the way you want to live but just don’t waste. Look after the natural world, and the animals in it, and the plants in it too. This is their planet as well as ours. Don’t waste them.”

David Attenborough


On an island like ours, resources are scarce, and lots of things have to be imported – which makes them have a massive carbon footprint – to be honest, this includes our guests as well.

We treat our guests with deep respect and kindness to make their stay with us the best they could wish for.

As we do so, we try to do the same with our resources – we just don’t waste them.

What does that mean for you as our guest?


Our room air conditions are operational only when the room is occupied and when all windows and doors are closed. This reduces the waste of energy and reduces the amount of fossil fuels needed to cool your room.

We use solar power to heat the shower water, generate some of our energy needs and light our property and grounds at night

All our lights are LED.

Our laundry is air-dried instead of using drying machines.

We recommend that clients sleep using the bed sheets we provide, instead of thick duvets and blankets. Seychelles is a tropical country, and the use of blankets is unnecessary (and if used, the room needs more cooling and therefore uses more energy).


Every plastic bottle that we use is recycled.

We supply toiletries in dispensers. They may have a boring appearance, but it avoids supplying single-use plastics in the rooms.

Our breakfast is served – no buffet! So it’s freshly prepared for you – tastes better and feels better – far less food waste compared to buffets.


We change bath towels every 2 and change linen every 3 days.

This avoids the waste of water and reduces the amount of detergent required for cleaning.

We use water tanks and gravity to supply water to the rooms (instead of pumps). While the pressure is lower than what customers are used to, it still does the job.