A Family Love Story.

You’ll find a place that was built out of love – one true romance as a foundation.

Our passion

This is our heritage, our passion and our love story – for each other, for the place our family built and for the island and ocean that allows us to live our dream, that we love to share with you.


Back in the times there was no running water, no electricity or gas, We learned to live and enjoy a simple life. Our family lived from what land and ocean had to offer. 


“The Yellow House” where our family lived since 1965, was built in 1936 and had a grocery shop on the ground floor that belonged to the “Moosa brothers”. 

We stop wasting,
For our Kids, For our Future

In 1998, our restaurant used to have a beautiful beach right in front of it, which unfortunately disappeared over the years due to sea-level rise. As a hotel on an island, we are acutely aware of environmental and climate change. We see its effects on a daily basis, such as disappearing beaches, plastic pollution in the ocean, unusual weather patterns, and dying coral reefs. As a result, we must take action now to preserve the environment for future generations. At Chalet Cote Mer, we work towards this goal every day. Preserving the environment means safeguarding our business, our living, and the Seychelles as a whole. It also means thinking globally and ensuring that our planet remains habitable for future generations. We must act now to make a difference and secure a better future for all.

Why we care

We celebrate nature, and take pride in preserving the island and its treasures. Their creole way of life is a testament to the rich culture of their community, which they are eager to share with others. We welcome visitors to our hideaway, where you can experience the joys of living with nature and enjoying the simple pleasures of life. With open hearts and minds, we invite guests to engage with us and create lasting memories of this beautiful place.

The beauty of Praslin and the Islands is enriched by the unique stories of its people. Bernadette and Rene, Beverly and Peter, Luke, Matthew, Shiraz, Philip, Louange, and Terry are some of those individuals who add to its beauty with their experiences and way of living.


Living on an island with scarce resources, we often have to buy from other places, causing a high carbon footprint. Guests are also part of the problem. Despite that, we treat them kindly and use resources carefully. As a guest, expect a pleasant stay while being mindful of responsible resource use.


We change the towels every two days and the sheets every three days to save water and detergent. We don’t have water pumps, but we use water tanks and gravity to supply water to rooms. The water pressure might not be as strong, but it still works well.


We recycle all plastic bottles we use. Instead of providing single-use plastic in rooms, we supply plain dispensers for toiletries, even if they might look dull. We also made our breakfast buffet smaller, so we can prepare everything fresher, creating less waste than usual buffets. You can pick your three-course meal ahead of time from our menu to avoid wasting food and for better taste.


Our room air conditioners only work when someone is in the room with all windows and doors shut. This saves energy and means we need less fossil fuels to cool your room. We use solar power to heat water for showers, generate some of our energy and light our property at night. All our lights are LED. We air-dry our laundry instead of using machines. Seychelles is warm at nights and you will not need blankets, please use the sheets we provide and don’t cool your room excessively.

We know best spots and secret hideaways to explore. Don’t hesitate to ask and tell us what you are looking for.

Sharing the present with friends for lifelong memories.

The stories of Bernadette and Rene, Beverly and Peter, Luke, Matthew and Shiraz, Philip, Louange and Terry are a part of the beauty of this little getaway. We like to share our island, way of life and our interest in preserving what Praslin and the Islands have to offer. Living with nature, our creole way of life, peace, tranquility and harmony. We look forward to welcoming you to our hideaway and show you our best getaways. 

How to find and contact us

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